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I have to have her.

I’ve been alone for so long. I never thought I would want to change that.

But when I saw her, I knew she was meant to be mine. And now that her husband is…gone, it’s time to make my move.

I’ve never felt like this about anyone. I want her everything, her body, her mind, her soul.

And I’ll do what it takes to make her mine. I’ll keep her safe, forgive her debts, and make everyone who’s ever hurt her pay.

All I need is her name on that dotted line.

“All roads lead to Sovereign Mountain.”

Set against the sweeping backdrop of northern Montana in winter, Sovereign is the perfect spicy love story for dark romance readers.

Keira Garrison has never known affection from her husband. After being tricked into giving up her family ranch, she finds herself lost and miserable in an unhappy marriage.

But one night, she meets the arresting Gerard Sovereign, her husband’s rival and the owner of the biggest cattle ranch in Montana.

Sparks fly. Their chemistry is undeniable.

But then tragedy strikes and Keira finds herself widowed and alone, unprotected from her late husband’s brothers who will stop at nothing to take the land she inherited.

With nowhere to go and no one to turn to, Keira finds herself at the mercy of Gerard Sovereign. He’s handsome, mysterious, dangerous, and hiding secrets that will turn her world upside down.

But he’s also her last hope.

Sovereign is a dual POV, dark, high heat romance with an anti-hero MMC. Please check content warnings before reading.

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